Young People

Autism, ASC and ADHD

At “Level best” we have an experienced team working with young people. We offer therapy to assist young people with a diagnosis of Autism and ADHD. During treatment we focus on a treatment program that will give a framework to better understand both strengths and challenges. We teach strategies to improve and build self – control. We teach strategies to help control emotions and teach family members how to assist. We look at areas such as inflexibility and teach techniques to tolerate being flexible. We work with the whole family to look at communication needs and assist the young person to improve communication skills. We work on reducing anxiety, improve mood states and help with feeling disconnected with the world. We work with reducing anger and frustration by empowering and listening within a supportive therapy space. At” Level Best” we work with ages 8-14 and 15-20. Therapy can then continue on the adult programme.

Emotional dysregulation, anger, anxiety and trouble with relationships

These are often issues brought to therapy by young people. We use a mix of DBT therapy, CBT therapy, EMDR and general psychotherapy to assist with these areas. A full initial assessment takes place which will determine which therapy style will be a good fit and which therapist will be a good fit. We offer 1-1 remote sessions via a secure platform. It is recognised that young people respond more favourably to remote sessions in the comfort in their own home. Attendance of sessions are statistically higher and engagement with session content is enhanced. We work with reducing self- harm and suicidal thoughts. We are trained to work with a wide range of personality disorders such as EUPD / BPD.

Eating disorders

All of our clinicians are CBT-E trained which is the recognised qualification when working with the presentation of Eating distress. Distress about eating is often linked to emotional distress in some way. Some common themes include: Preoccupation with food – thoughts and behaviours. Issues around control or lack of control. Negative perceptions of self, low self-esteem, distorted thinking. We have worked with the institute of sport / Team GB assisting with referred cases.
We have extensive experience of working alongside child and adolescent services using evidence-based techniques.
“I came to “level best” for therapy because I had fallen out with all of my friends and so wouldn’t go to school. Within a week I as back at school and my anxiety was significantly reduced. I couldn’t connect with my parents and we had so many arguments at home. They thought I might need to live elsewhere; I was so scared. I was so frustrated and my rage was bad. Things are a lot better now; we all communicate better and I like living at home again now”