As part of our assessment process, we establish exactly where you are at. Everybody is suitable for therapy it is just a case of which style of therapy. Your initial therapy assessment will take details of what has brought you to therapy and then match you to CBT therapy, psychotherapy, EMDR therapy or DBT therapy. Your first therapy session will assess your readiness. We work on a theoretical model of change. You may be in the precontemplation stage which involves a degree of cognitive resistance. Thats ok, we work with this phase well, after all change can be difficult to imagine at times.  We work on motivational techniques to move you to the action/ change phase. We work at your pace, build a good supportive reassuring therapeutic alliance with you and help you believe that change is possible.

Therapy can feel hard at first. We are working with establish patterns of thinking and behaving. However, therapy can be empowering, reassuring and incredibly supportive. It will be your space to discuss things that you do not feel comfortable to discuss with friends and family. You will not be judged in therapy. With over 23 years’ experience we have heard and worked with everything.

That is ok, you will work with your therapist on this. For example, if you come to us for CBT therapy or DBT therapy and we feel that you need EMDR initially to work on some trauma, we will switch to work with EMDR. Therapy is interchangeable with veins of each therapy modality running throughout.

If you give consent then definitely. We will not disclose any details that you are not happy with. It is often important to discuss your therapy action points with family members so that they know how to respond and work alongside you with the techniques you are taught. We will check consent with you every step of the way.

Absolutely we have therapist who are trained and experienced in working with young people and presentations of autism and ADHD.

We understand that the way you are feeling can really impact upon you and make you feel desperate. We work every day with suicidal thoughts and self-harm. It is a common aspect which is brought to therapy. Our therapist are taught and experienced in working with suicidal thoughts by harassing hope and creating a believe that change can occur to navigate you towards alternatives. If you are experiencing strong suicidal thoughts now and feel that you might act, please attend your local A and E department, or call the Samaritans on 116 123.

We understand that finances can be a huge area of consideration, which is why or sessions are set very competitively at £75 per session. We work on 6 therapy sessions initially with a view to extend. You will be taught a therapy technique every session with action points and a little bit of homework to consolidate learning in between sessions. That is the evidence-based benchmark for change to occur. We evaluate with you every step of the way so you are in control.

All we ask for is as much notice as possible so that we can maximise our time to offer to other people who need us. Our policy is 24 hours cancellation notice. If you want to rearrange to a different time that day just call us and let us see if this is possible within your therapists diary.