School Refusal

Emotional based school avoidance programme

In a recent report complied by The Centre of Social Justice called “lost and found” it was detailed that 140,000 children didn’t return to school following the pandemic or have significantly struggled if they did. These children are termed the “ghost children “of the pandemic and are the stark reality that the impact of the pandemic is far-reaching. The report details that in the majority of cases, the therapeutic intervention will be needed.
At level best we offer a bespoke package if your child refuses to attend school.

We offer a 6-week package that really focuses on the whys and hows. Why it’s happening and how to solve it. We work closely with caregivers and the school to bridge any gaps and offer a supportive approach for your child.

We help you to work with your child to create a routine and structure around attending school. At “level best” we feel that any behaviour is a form of communication which is why we work therapeutically to understand more about how your child is feeling. We problem-solve this and work on an intervention to create a resolution.
We work within an evidence-based framework of Behavioural and Cognitive interventions to help your young person.

autism treatment for young people

“Level best” practitioners have 23 years’ experience working with schools and CAMHS departments. We can be your voice attending school meetings whilst helping your child within a therapy pathway. We aim to enable you and your child to have options and be in control of the situation.
We have worked with school refusals for many years and have achieved good outcomes.

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