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Unveiling the 5 Key Benefits of DBT

In this blog, we will delve into the 5 Key Benefits of DBT and explore how this evidence-based therapy can empower individuals to overcome challenges, cultivate resilience, and unlock their true potential. Let’s embark on a journey of self-discovery, where the power of DBT awaits.

1.DBT improves quality of life –

DBT improves quality of life by working on emotional regulation and interpersonal relationships. Taught skills helps to reduce distress and puts the person in control of their emotions. Relationships are improved by the individual responding differently to emotions. They no longer fear abandonment or rejection which stops the escalation and use of problem behaviours.

2.DBT teaches skills which offer immediate relief –

Mindfulness works by increasing connection and awareness in the present moment. In DBT we look at the three mind states, emotional mind – wise mind and reasonable mind. Taught skills aim to move the individual from emotion mind to wise mind. In emotion mind our thoughts control our emotions which create heightened reactions. Here we see an escalation of impulsive behaviours and an escalation of problem behaviours. To use skills to move into wise mind allows the individual to recognise feelings and respond in a rational and controlled manner.

3.DBT reduces the effects of anxiety, depression, trauma and stress.

DBT teaches skills which modify ineffective behaviour which reduces crisis. It also significantly reduces suicidal and self harming behaviours. DBT teaches skills in areas such as mindfulness which focuses on creating healthier states of awareness. DBT skills teaches you to be in control of your emotions and not your emotions controlling you. In conditions such as depression, there is often a social withdrawal with accompanying intense feelings of sadness. DBT skills teach you to sit with these feelings rather than fight them, it helps you to build a life worth living again which increases your level of mood.

4.DBT improves relationships with others.

When our emotions are heightened we might enter into difficulties within our relationships. We will notice more arguments and conflicts. Relationships might end as a result as they become unmanageable. DBT teaches you crisis skills which manages such difficulties. DBT sessions can involve other people such as loved ones so that they understand why these difficulties are occurring and understand the part they can play in also using skills to reduce problems.

5.DBT works with all ages.

It is used for adults and is also successful for young people between ages 7- 16. Our sessions are modified to deliver age related content and all of our therapists are adult and young people trained. Most of our therapists were trained and have practiced at the prestigious priory hospital.

As we conclude our exploration of the 5 Key Benefits of DBT, it becomes evident that DBT has the potential to unleash the true potential within each individual, providing them with the tools to thrive and create a life filled with balance, fulfillment, and meaningful connections. Embracing the power of DBT can truly be a life-changing journey towards self-discovery and personal transformation.

If you are unsure if DBT sessions will help you, ask yourself,

  • Do you fear that somebody you care about will leave you, abandon you and or reject you ?
  • Do your relationships present with frequent bad patches caused by your reactions ?
  • Do you feel empty and alone in your thoughts and feelings ?
  • Do you act impulsively ?
  • Have you tried to hurt or kill yourself. Have you threatened to do so to others ?
  • Do you self-harm by cutting, burning, banging your head or punching yourself ?
  • Do your moods suddenly change ?
  • Can you react with heightened levels of anger which are explosive and come from nowhere, often leaving you feeling out of control.
  • Does your anger feel so intense that you throw things and or lash out in anger.

Are these reactions causing you problems within your everyday life and with other people ? If so then DBT will help you.

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